27 Strings is a folk band. We’re all based either in or around Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire. Our origins lie in the embers of the TBSHS Music Tour 2014 where Robin Franklin, William Barnardo and Greg Leeman decided to form a band based on their mutual love of folk music. As such, we draw influence from traditional English, Irish and American folk music, as well as more contemporary artists such as Bellowhead and Brown Bird. We have 10 members (!!) and somehow manage to fit onto the smallest of stages with ourselves AND our instruments!

I play the keys for the band (piano, occasionally some organ, chimes, glock or xylophone). I’m also in charge of all their tech stuff and general organisation/admin – everything except composing and writing the music which I leave to the professionals amongst us!

A few years back, we all decided that with people going off to university around the country that it was too difficult to continue rehearsing and that after a year or so of being together, we’d had a good run. After playing a variety of gigs at weddings, clubs (?!), Brownstock Festival, BBC local radio, busking in Cambridge, Woodfest in Hatfield Forest, The Countess of Warwick’s Country Show, The Half Moon & The Rhodes Centre in Stortford we feel that we can no longer continue at our present level of musicianship without more rehearsal time with is something that we are unable to dedicate ourselves to at this moment in our lives.

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