I don’t follow football so whilst everyone was gearing up to watch the Ireland-Portugal match for the Euros I decided I’d grab my bike and go out for a bit. What to do if you’re not a football fan that’s right you guessed it, plane spotting! I don’t blame to be mush of an enthusiast but it was something quite interesting to do and I brought my radios along and had a bit of a scan on the airband and UHF frequencies for fun.

My favourite spot is to the west of the runway on a small raised grassy bank near one of the radar towers, GPS coordinates 51.890272 North & 0.236842 West (view it on Google maps). You get a reasonable view of landing and departing planes but there are still a few obstructions – there’s also a large perimeter fence so you need to get to high ground if you want to take photographs.

After sticking around there for a bit I moved up to the far North side of the runway where there’s a great position to watch landing/departing aircraft. I managed to capture this video on my phone:

I also brought along my radio scanners and had a play around to see what I could hear. The ATC frequencies are all well documented and widely circulated:

120.625 MHz – Approach
132.050 MHz – Approach (high level)
123.800 MHz – Tower
121.950 MHz – Delivery
121.725 MHz – Ground
121.600 MHz – Fire
126.950 MHz – Director
125.550 MHz – Clearance
122.050 MHz – Airfield Operations

but less well known, perhaps because most of them use an MPT1327 trunked radio system, are the UHF frequencies used by the staff and ground crew for various operations. I’ve managed to come up with an extensive list but I’m sure there are mistakes/omissions:

Airfield Operations:
455.825 MHz – Tower?
455.550 MHz – Ground
455.650 MHz – Fire
456.350 MHz – Ops
461.850 MHz – Customs?

MPT1327 Trunking:
440.40000 MHz
441.11250 MHz
441.23750 MHz
441.66250 MHz
441.68750 MHz – Control
441.80000 MHz
441.95000 MHz
442.00000 MHz
456.05000 MHz
456.41250 MHz

456.4125 MHz

I’ll come back to this post regularly and update the frequencies as necessary.
Frequencies last revised: 2016-07-08T1321

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