About Me

I’m a graduate of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge where I studied Natural Sciences. I matriculated in October of 2015. For my part 1A I studied the ‘Maths B’, ‘Physics’, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Computer Science’ courses whilst for 1B I studied both second year physics options and the ‘Chemistry A’ course. In third year I solely studied physics at the Cavendish Laboratory on the West Cambridge Site.

I have a deep interest in computers, programming and anything remotely technical. I’m quite involved in the student theatre scene in Cambridge as a technician and spend lots of my time at the ADC Theatre. My primary area of interest is in sound design and live sound mixing for musical theatre, however I also have a keen interest in the other theatrical technical departments. My theatre work has taken me across the globe to Europe, Japan, The United States and even the famous Minack Theatre in Penzance near Land’s End.

I am an enthusiastic amateur musician and play the trumpet and piano. I was the keyboard player and technician in a 10-piece folk band which I formed with my friends, 27 Strings.

I hold a UK amateur radio license to the advanced level (callsign M0ZCJ, ex 2E0ZCJ) which is a CEPT equivalent licence class of 1. I served as the Junior Treasurer of the Cambridge University Wireless Society which can be heard on the air under its club callsign as G6UW, and am a member of the Camb-Hams.


About this site

Unless otherwise noted, all content (including images) is © 2016-2018 Charlie Jonas. All rights reserved. Certain material is used under license from its respective authors. Please contact me if you wish to make a copyright claim or reuse my content and I will be happy to oblige your request. Suggestions and comments can be emailed to webmaster [at] charliejonas [dot] co [dot] uk. Additionally, all text is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted. You do not need to ask my permission to copy/reuse/modify so long as you attribute me with my name AND a link or web address to the original page. Commercial use is of course, not allowed.

My personal website has gone through several phases of evolutions:

  1. At the dawn of time someone bought me a build-your-own-website package as a present which I promptly setup with the domain name charliejonas.com and used the built-in themes and online designer to craft my site.
  2. I soon got bored of this so decided to ditch the designer they provided and use their FTP service to upload my own personal static html pages. They were very basic and it was more of a learning exercise than anything else. If you look on the WayBack Machine they should be still available!
  3. I let the charliejonas.com domain name expire and several years later purchased charliejonas.co.uk. By this time I was a student at Cambridge University and so made use of the Student-run Computing Facility (they offer their servers to students and societies free of charge) to host some static pages coded in raw HTML/CSS with occasional PHP. These are all still archived and available at https://old.charliejonas.co.uk although obviously I make no guarantees about the accuracy of information and there will undoubtedly be some dead links.
  4. On 24th May 2016 I moved over to a Wordpress system, still hosted by the SRCF.
  5. I moved the hosting of my site from the SRCF to one of my own personal servers. At this stage the web server was a virtual machine hosted on a XenServer in my home basement. The reason for the move was that I wanted root access to the machine so that I could use https with my hostname (I use LetsEncrypt as my certificating agency).
  6. I’m now doing things properly and have a webserver ‘in the cloud’ provided by DigitalOcean. All this having been said I’m still grateful to the Student-run Computing Facility and University Information Services for making my first steps possible.

Finally I’ll just add that any opinions or views expressed here are obviously my own, and not necessarily those of any other party or organisation I may work for or be affiliated with.